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ICTLAB PA offers consulting services in the digital transformation sector, with the mission of enhancing innovation paths for Public Administrations.

The entry of Nergal Consulting into the company allows to extend the offer to the private sector as well.

ICTLAB PA is a reliable partner interested in taking risks for the customers’ success. It controls all the skills to offer 360 ° growth solutions.

Società di consulenza


ICTLAB PA was founded in 2015 within the Lattanzio group with the aim of offering consulting services in the field of innovation and digital transformation of the Public Administrations 

In collaboration with other important technological partners, it has acquired important contracts within the Public Administrations over the years (NOIPA Sogei, SIFORM 2.0 Marche Region, SIFER Emilia Romagna Region, SINTESI Lombardia Informatica, Consip Framework Agreement - Application Services) 

In 2021 ICTLAB PA merged with Nergal Consulting, a company founded in 2008, working in the private sector supporting SMEs to access subsidized finance for technological innovation projects 

ICTLAB PA, with the entry of Nergal Consulting, has completed its offer which is now aimed at both the public and private sectors, by making ICTLAB PA itself an important player in digital transformation 

Since October 2021 ICTLAB PA has joined the Digital360 group, a leader in the digital transition 


ICTLAB PA provides for consultancy services to support the Public Administration digital transition and the growth of medium-small companies, complementing the existing know-how with specialized skills and support.

ICTLAB PA promotes the growth of the Public Administration and SMEs through specialist support, assistance for getting grants (subsidized finance), for the improvement of internal processes, and the definition of asset enhancement strategies. 


Developing a reliable partnership network to strengthen the added value of our services 

Meeting ambitious challenges on innovative projects by ensuring the maximum customer satisfaction  


Being considered by our clients as reliable partners interested in taking risks for the success of their initiatives 

Controlling all the skills needed to offer our clients 360 ° growth solutions 


Remarkable problem-solving skills. Deep knowledge of the complex reality of Public Administrations 

We have a broad experience on public tenders on subsidized finance calls for SMEs 

We support our clients in growth strategies related to innovation and the implementation of ambitious projects 

We offer advanced services by making use of our reliable partner network

We offer technologically advanced solutions offered by a leading group in the digital transition 

We are the ideal partner sharing risks with our clients in the most complex initiatives

Management team


We also rely on a network of reliable partner companies that complements our offer and allow us to provide a 360 ° service.


We employ Professionals with high competence for the PA's areas of specialization. To support SMEs we have introduced the figure of the Associate Partner who represent our authentic added value. Their direct participation in the company's results allows it to grow, sharing objectives and consolidating the results obtained.

Professionals and Associated Partners are managers with many years of proven experience in both the public and private sectors, who put their skills and professionalism at the service of our clients. 

Politica aziendale per la Parità di Genere (PdG) e per la Diversità e Inclusione (D&I)

Gender Equality Policy

Our society assesses the skills and capabilities of its personnel while striving to avoid biases and stereotypes. We promote an inclusive culture free from distortions, including unconscious ones, that values all individuals within the company equally.

Our gender equality policy begins with addressing any historical discrepancies in salary and career advancement within the company. We implement policies and recruitment plans aimed at fostering and appreciating diversity in the broadest sense, bringing value and a fresh impetus to all sectors and areas of the company. It has been demonstrated that the presence of individuals of different genders and, more broadly, diverse cultures, opens up new ideas, innovative solutions, and positive competition among personnel and workgroups.

This not only enhances each of us individually but also fosters the growth and prosperity of the company in an increasingly competitive world.

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